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Programme 3JB

  • 30 juin : Weris Sud - Long dist.
  • 1 juillet : Nallogne - Middle dist.
  • 2 juillet : Weris Nord - Long dist.

3 days of Belgium – Day 1 – Saturday 30.06.2012


Hermathenae Orientation Spa is happy to welcome you to the 3 Days of Belgium 2012. Day 1 is a World Ranking Event.


Bulletin 1/2

Bulletin 3

Contact Person

Patrick Mayeres (mobile +32 473 54 88 33, email:

Event Center (EC)

rue du mont 6940 Wéris

Technical Staff

Course Planners: Anna COLOMBI et Jean-Luc DUBOIS

IOF Event Advisor: Jean-Pierre Kellens

Internal Controler: Bernard Piqueray


Men Elite (HE) – winning time 90’

Women Elite (DE) – winning time 70’

Program (3 days of Belgium)

Training: Friday 29 June – 16 km from EC – from 1 pm

Day 1: Saturday 30 June - from 1 pm: long distance WRE

Day 2: Sunday 1 July – from 9 am: middle distance

Day 3: Monday 2 July – from 9 am: long distance

Meeting point for day 1, 2 and 3 is the EC


Poudingue de Wéris – Val d’Aisne – La Platte: scale 1:15000 / contour interval 5m / April-Mai 2011 (update April 2012)


Old version of the map available by request to

New map samples here

Terrain description

see here

Climate is tempered.

Embargoed areas

See google map here


see here

We invite you to take part to the whole 3 days (WRE is days 1).

Entries only to World Ranking Event only: 20€ (latest date: June 15)

Belgian competitors are kindly asked to register via their club like for other Belgian National competitions.

Members of foreign clubs are asked to register through For the foreign runners only registering to WRE day a specific event page on OrienteeringOnline has to be used.

Entries will not be registered until payment of the whole sum due in Euros to the Bank account: CHATELAIN GUY - BIC : GEBABEBB - IBAN: BE56 0352 2520 2336

Accomodation & Food

See relevant links here


Not provided


Check whether passport/visa needed with Belgian embassy/consulate in your country before departure.


3 jours de Belgique 2012