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3 days Program

  • June 30: Weris South - Long dist.
  • 1 juillet: Nallogne - Middle dist.
  • July 2: Weris North - Long dist.


Province du Luxembourg


Province du Luxembourg

CO Sport

Ville de Durbuy

Commune d'Erezee

Terrain description

Day 1 :
Day 2 :
Day 3 :

The three steps will take place in three distinct areas in the same forest. These areas have similar characteristics. The second stage on Sunday will be a middle distance race.

The competition area is spread around a ridge 8 km long and 300 m wide. The gradiant is quite important. The highest point reaches 390 m, and the lowest is located at 220 m. The forest consists of various species and ages plantations: oak, birch, beech, pine, spruce, ... with few clearings, young plantations, bushes, high forest. The soil is generally dry (less than 5% of moderately swampy land) and streams are narrow and easily passable. Racing opportunities are good, but the visibility is reduced. Many small valleys cut one slope and offer interesting route choice. On this area the forest is mainly composed of oaks, and the network of paths is slight. On the central area, flatter, the forest is mainly composed of spruce, with a more important network of paths and many changes in vegetation. On the other side, the soil is rocky, with a ground vegetation that can be quite important (blueberries, ferns, brambles) and above, a large number of rocks of all sizes (up to 50 rock elements per km2) imposing a precise orienteering.

The mapping will be performed by highly experienced professionals of international repute. The Emit electronic system will be used: badges will be available for rent.